“No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.”
― Rush Limbaugh

What Is the FTSE MIB?

What Is the FTSE MIB?


Stock exchanges are a pivotal part of stock trading. The stocks are traded and they need to be listed on the various stock exchanges. The past history of the stock exchanges is dated back to the 11th century when the courtiers in France were regulated and appeared after the transactions in the agriculture arena.

The first exchange in the world was in Antwerp that is in Belgium in the year 1460. Nowadays, the stock exchanges have been a long way with the big exchanges all over the world. There is the example of the New York Stock Exchange in America and the Bombay Stock exchange in India and the borsa online in Italy.

These are physical exchanges where the trading takes place. However, some of them are electronic exchanges where the trading takes place on the electronic media. There are many firms all over the world have they have some fixed aspects that have to be listed in the stocks that have to be traded in any stock exchange. Some of the aspects have the least number of shares and also the market capitalization and least yearly revenue that is produced by the firms.

The stocks of the firms are listed in one exchange and some huge corporations may get the list of more than one exchange. Different types of stock trading details are also accessible to public through the various exchanges. The time for the activities occur in an exchange and is called its trading hours.

There is no stock that can be traded or any kind of trading details that you may get after the trading hours are finished in an exchange. The various stock exchanges play a pivotal part in developing a country’s economy.

It is a mirror of the financial condition of a nation. As the economy prospers, there are many activities taking place in the stock exchanges. The stock exchange may exhibit a condition that is called financial depression.

The ownership of big firms is in the reach of huge shareholders. The shares that are made by the firms in stock exchange make the simple man have a portion of the big firm. This makes him share the profit earned by these firms.

It assists these firms to collect the capital to enhance their businesses and the small investors can have major success in this. This may assist them in redistributing the wealth from the prosperous part of the society to the common man.

The various trusts and bonds are traded on the foreign exchanges. These give nice investment alternatives to the people who need to invest and save their money. They can get extensive benefits from these investments and the cash that is invested can be liquid and can be utilized for various financial transactions that take place in the economy.

The government can borrow some of the money from the public by a setting of bonds and use this type of money for some creative activity. There are many advantages that are linked with the various stock exchanges.